Friday, September 21, 2007

Ja Rule's got the Gay Envy

Im am frozen out from posting responses on TMZ (big surprise) so I thought I would respond here

GLAAD to Ja Rule -- You Da Problem, Homey!
Posted Sep 14th 2007 1:46PM by TMZ Staff
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Rapper Ja Rule recently made the following asinine statement in Complex Magazine about what he thinks is really causing the downfall of society, "...lets talk about all these f***ing shows that they have on MTV that is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can't watch this s**t. Dating shows that's showing two guys or two girls in mid afternoon. Let's talk about s**t like that! If that's not f***ing up America, I don't know what is." Um, how 'bout gun violence, poverty and a broken health care system?!

GlAAD they are way to Tuff for me doggonnit

Enough is enough

If ja rule wants to keep his kids from Homo's he should take his gay a$$ out of their house

wasn't ja rule Implicated in a half a dozen Gay SEXcapades By page six and the daily news over the past 10 years .. having children doesnt nullify those reports to me... maybe to the
Niave midwestern born live and die in a box american but not me

Just that ask larry Craig leg or Teg Faggert (Both have kids )or McGreevey

all of them talk that same jive Ja rule spits ( homos are the worst thing to happen to America since rap..:).. and now i can see just how gay america is because as soon as i hear stuff like this i think what a GAYLORD why else would you care or invite competition for girls? it defies logic

these homos are way too scared to cruise the bathrooms so now the only way they can get a date is by trashing homos on tv so that smart Homos like me will go after them and yack their backs out.. but dont be Young America It's time to grow the F%$#%$@ck up. its like our 400 year preoccupation with keeping black penis out of white vagina (need evidence: see DW Griffiths Birth of Nation the first million dollar movie) it's embrassingly obvious and it doesnt work

it just makes strait sex seem like something people have to be strong armed into!!
(is that true? does strait sex need a midget cheerleader? going to start compiling evidence)

are we Like Iran are we not happy with strait sex here in America?
maybe in addition to intimidating and belittling gays you can offer a cash rebate with strait sex..someone phone the marketing department!

there is no homophobia just gay envy and gay resentment

only gays that are resentful and scared to break the "rules " that so many other Courageous gays have the nerve to break..

No one is getting up and killing themselves for being hetero or christain so stop playing victim NO one is going out and killing heterosexuals (for their lifestyle CHOICE)either ..

If there are gay Dolphins and Rams Monkeys flamingoes penguins (open a science book preacher) I'm NOT one to question Or Belittle God' and Nature's intention .(trust me they love that in the afterlife ).. That's also substantial evidence that Homosexuality IS VERY NATURAL= part of nature

On procreation
don't get a rug burn patting yourself on the back
Crapping out good for nothing parasites is no great accomplishment .. NO better than the rats or bunnies that do all the time (Sans=without party favors )


" gays aren't getting anywhere till they get more grimy and violent than hip hop (how do you think i made in the bronx)
.. and since you all can hardly tell who's gay judging from your response to gay ass Ja Rule.. then it looks like youre all gonna be in trouble ..."(we can infiltrate and sabotage)

There is no homophobia just scared homo's who resent bold gay men and women who break cultural rules thay are too terrified to break themselves

Yeilding to the judgement of strangers= not very brave

i aint jealous of them
Sure i hate gay people too but it for completely different reasons ..Not cause I'm jealous that they get to have sex the way im too scared to...(it's because they laugh and point at me and they always assume I'm after their man)

dont ask the ice cream truck for his opinion on nuclear physics

you might want someone with experience




Blogger Badass-boi said...

But you're ignoring the most obvious fact of all -- closeted or not -- no one gives a fuck about what Ja Rule has to say.

It's like asking a retarded person how the universe started.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Kiora said...

Thanks for writing this.

5:59 AM  

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